Monday, May 18, 2009


I was watching the clouds the other day and reflecting on how the clouds are like Life - forever shifting and changing. Truly, nothing ever stays the same no matter how much we try to stay "safe" in our routines. You can never know or predict what's around the next corner even when YOU make a conscious choice.

Today, for example, I took a deliberate step to change something that hasn't been working for me expecting to be met with protests and anger, and, much to my delight and surprise, was met not with resistance but with cooperation! The shift from what wasn't working to what now is took only moments and has changed the energy in our house dramatically. It was like watching wild winds and black clouds forming to spit down hail, only to find the storm blowing over and the sun coming out again.

Not really sure what I'm trying to say here - maybe just if you always expect the unexpected you'll never be disappointed!

Today's Quote
There is nothing permanent except change - Heraclitus

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