Sunday, August 9, 2009


Lots of growth's been happening in the last few months, actually facilitated by this very blog! I started it with great excitement thinking YES! now this is what I'm meant to be doing! But as the weeks went by and I received no response on the art creativity workshops, and no comments on the posts, my excitement turned to disappointment and then depression as I experienced a crisis in life purpose. If THIS isn't "IT" then what IS??

In the subsequent weeks I've been observing my inner self and outer world and have been noticing that I have still been clinging to the idea that if I don't become SOMEBODY (who gets NOTICED) then I am NOBODY. Wow. Realizing that, I was able to let go and have come to a place of deep peace and contentment. Discovering that who I am and where I am is just perfect and that I AM somebody! ME - just as I am.

So here I am writing a new post that probably nobody will read and you know what? That's perfectly OK. In fact, it kind of makes me giggle because basically I'm talking to myself (who better to listen? heehee)

Today's Quote:
“The growth of understanding follows an ascending spiral rather than a straight line” ~ Joanna Field


  1. i'm hearing you Barb! and welcoming you back!

  2. Thank you faerian! It's nice to know I'm not talking to myself all the time haha.

  3. i'm hearing you too :)
    you definitely now and always were and always will be a somebody.

  4. Thanks abc! I'm SO getting that now!

  5. I think this is something everyone goes through. I know I saw these blogs that would have 50 comments and probably hundreds of readers and I thought if I just started one, then I would get that too. When I didn't, I would get stuck in the comparison game and think 'they' were cool and I was a loser.

    I have found that it takes time to build a community. That I needed to reach out to others in the community-commenting on other blogs and reaching out to those writers that resonated with me. And basically to set aside my natural impatience and realize that if I truly loved to write on my blog, then I should focus on that feeling. Being YOU will bring people to you, not trying to be what you think will get noticed (my lesson).

    I'm glad you are sticking with it!! Keep it up and keep expressing your authentic self.

  6. Thank you Brandi! I'm so happy to jusT be ME!

  7. Hi Barb,

    Thanks for your email to the group and the link to your gorgeous site. I love it! I can feel the passion with which it was created, and am feeling inspired to pull out my pens and colors!

    What strikes me is this: your blogs and site reveal an essence of love and creativity. There is a sense of knowing that you are much more than your body. This is beautiful. And that you allow others to experience their own selves, beyond their bodies, as love and creativity also.

    So for me, you are much much more than a plain old some-body... you are in a realm of no-body. A beautiful, radiant no-body that penetrates and flows through all of life.

    I'm learning that as we let go of trying so hard to to be a "somebody" we can soar as a "nobody", and truly come home to ourselves to be that which we already are and always have been.

    Who knew being a Nobody could be so grand!

  8. Barb you are the most inspirational, amazing and creative person I have ever met and every time we go for coffee or we exchange emails... I love you even more! It's incredible how raw your blog is (I now know what a blog is!) and how you are able to grow and learn and share with the world your experiences, and make everything more beautiful by just being you.

    I care what you have to say and thank you always, always for sharing your heart with me!

    Keep it coming!!!!