Monday, April 26, 2010

Helping Hands

While I wasn't looking, a new doorway suddenly sprang open by way of a wonderful, enthusiastic Texas girl named Tracy. She's is bursting and blooming with all kinds of fantastic ideas! She's started a website (link below) called Bodacious Possibilities - what a succulent name!

Where do I come in? She's invited me to partner with her (by referrals to each others websites) to help people to live their Creative Dreams. I'll be the coach, helping people clarify what exactly they WANT out of this one precious life, and she'll be the one providing the resources to getting what you need to live it. (She is AMAZINGLY resourceful.)

This brings me to thoughts about "helping hands" - I'm reading a book right now about Amish people and how they all get together to raise a barn in just one day. I don't think humans are meant to do things alone - we're meant to reach out and ask for help with things that we don't know or can't do on our own. The beauty is - there is always SOMEONE out there to assist with whatever it is we need help with.

When in doubt, go to the experts

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