Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Full Circle

You know how Oprah's always talking about Full Circle Moments? I really had no clue what she was talking about (seriously!!) having never NOTICED one before?? Last week I finally opened my mind's eye and saw clearly and wow - it was a whomping BIG moment. I've been madly creative lately (my dining room has turned into a maelstrom of art and art supplies) and loving it SO much. The ideas just keep flowing and flowering and manifesting onto all kinds of surfaces.

Since dropping out of art school due to lack of self-confidence years and years ago, I've either ignored my creative urges (well what was the point when I wasn't any good anyway?) or it's been very spurtish. I never called myself an artist and if I did (see sidebar) I always said it with a very tiny small and shy "a".

A N Y W A Y, my full circle moment came last week when I showed someone my work and S H E said:

"Wow - your stuff is really good - you ARE an artist!"

So I thought about that, blushed, pshawed it, then, despite the part of me that doesn't believe in me, I let it sink I N really deep, felt it, CLAIMED it and am finally ready to say "YES I AM an A R T I S T!" (Did you notice the big "A"?)

I have lots and lots and LOTS of learning and playing to do to get better and better at it but I've grown enough now to know that it's not about being as good as someone else, or better than another someone else, it's about being Who I Am and expressing it through A R T.

And here's the thought that came on the heels of that:

Today's Thought:
We are all constantly beautifully evolving works of art creating the gloriously
magnificent Universe on the blank canvas of space.

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  1. Look at this beautiful page full of beautiful thoughts... you were an Artist long before you gave yourself credit for being one. You inspire me to be more free and more Artistic every day not only with myself, but with my surroundings. Thank you for being so Artsy. xoxoxo