Sunday, August 23, 2009


Ok, I know I promised the next post would be the second part BUT, I found myself working feverishly on re-writing the first part: How Does Your Garden Grow - the long version. Plus, I found myself depleted emotionally (family stuff) sooooo I decided to run away from home for a night. I found this (or was I led to it? ;) ) amazing little inn called The Highwood River Inn in the heart of the country, owned and managed by two awesome women. By some miracle, I was the only guest! They've recently decided to change the focus from B n B to healing retreat so it couldn't have been more perfect.

Here, in a nutshell, was my experience:


Yesterday I ran away from home. Today I am sitting on a bench as the sun just peeks over the top of the mountain and am listening to the rush of the green/blue river below.

Yesterday, I threw a backpack and my yoga mat in the car and took off, going wherever the road led me. Today, I heard an eagle's piercing cry and it made me gasp as I made my way to the bench in this beautiful, sacred place.

Yesterday, I felt like I just couldn't take one more thing! Today, I saw the eagle soar over the water with it's great wings spanned wide. Today, I feel like that, my wings once again stretched open and free of the pull of the earth.

Tomorrow, after I've returned to my family, my spirit nourished, my mind refreshed, and my body restored, I'll remember yesterday and hold it's memory in my heart.

Today's Quote:
Often, we care for others and forget about ourselves. Remember, if WE are not filled and satisfied, we cannot help others. ~ me (if I write is it a quote?? lol)

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  1. it is a quote!!!

    Barb that was inspiring! i love how quickly your cup was filled - i get scared that i will like away so much i may not come back!